User Quotes

These quotes and comments were collected from bipolar patients after they tried KIOS Bipolar

“[KIOS Bipolar] is easy, fun, and helpful, both the advice and fostering a better self-awareness and assessment.”

“I’ve used a lot of mood tracking programs, like 11 of them, and I really love this one. It’s the only one that gives me advice that I can use to control my Bipolar symptoms.”

“It was easy and simple and I liked tracking my progress”

“It made me aware of a mixed state I was in. I wouldn’t have thought of it or been aware otherwise. I told my wife about the advice and asked if she thought it was accurate and she said yes definitely.”

“It told me what my results mean and what to tell my doctor”

“I’m starting to see patterns with my moods and can use the advice to stop mood changes before they hit me hard.”

“I really used the advice. So much of it was spot on.”

“It is easy to use and makes me more aware of my mood/behavior changes. The advice is usually quite accurate and helpful for upcoming appointment to address with my doctor.”

“I would like to use KIOS BIPOLAR every time a bipolar incident occurs”

“My doc was very impressed with KIOS and told me she would like to see more of her patients use it.”

“It helps me look at my feelings and behavior for the week objectively, which is helpful.”

“Thank you for the customized advice. This aspect has been a really good tool… It also helps me with bringing things up in my next appointment.”

“…It showed me I knew what I was doing.”

“I love the software because it helps me focus on what I need to do…Helps to hear from [a] source other than self.”

“It makes me want to try to keep improving.”