Anxiety? Depression?
Shifting Moods?

KIOS® acts like a personal GPS to navigate the shifting seas of bipolar emotions.  KIOS includes tools for communicating medical information with your health care team.

All it takes is two minutes a day to log on, answer 8 quick questions and get customized advice.

Proven Results

KIOS has undergone rigorous scientific testing with funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It has been tested at five distinct study sites.
Learn how real patients improved using KIOS.
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Expert Advice Anytime

KIOS was developed under the guidance of recognized bipolar experts including Charles L. Bowden, M.D. The tool is web-based and available any time with an internet accessible device. Nothing to download, no updates required.
Log in, take a 2-minute assessment, and get expert advice.
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Private and Secure

Privacy is important to you and to us. KIOS is HIPAA compliant and uses data encryption for Protected Health Information. User data is not shared without the permission of the user.
We are committed to creating a secure and safe environment for our customers.
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Personal Progress Reports

KIOS tracks changing emotions and allows users to view their progress over time. A personal report is available any time. Whether you want to learn from your own experience or share the data with loved ones and health care providers, it's always ready at the touch of a button.
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The advice is the best part. When you’re improving, the advice makes you feel good…it makes you feel like your whole day is going to be good. It makes me look forward to the day and to feeling even better.

- KIOS User


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I was able to see how a medication change was making one of my symptoms worse because of a side effect. I showed my doc the graphs and she changed my med. I feel better now. My doc was very impressed with KIOS and told me she would like to see more of her patients use it.

- KIOS User


The downloadable report provides timely, specific, and valuable information that I can use to better treat a person suffering from bipolar disorder. But…what I like most is the visible improvement that I see when a patient returns to my clinic after he/she has been using KIOS.

- Dr. John Cecil

The Cecil clinic, paducah kentucky

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