Credible science,
incredible results.

NIH Funded research. World class bipolar expertise. Proven results.

Remote Patient Monitoring

24/7 access to your patients' generated health data. Check progress between visits, download reports, and invite new patients to use KIOS® in one place with a simple click.

HIPAA Compliant

KIOS Bipolar is HIPAA compliant. Patient-generated health data is de-identified, encrypted and stored on secure servers. User data is not shared without the permission of the user.

Clinically Tested

KIOS has been tested at five distinct study sites, including our most recent study at a walk-in clinic with a Medicaid eligible population in Paducah, Kentucky.

Return on Investment

Contact us for access to our proprietary ROI calculator. Estimate how much you could be saving when your patients improve using KIOS.

Meet Dr. Bowden.


Charles L. Bowden, M.D. is the first scientist to receive all three of the top awards for mood disorders research. Dr. Bowden has served as Principal Investigator for more than 90 studies funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, pharmaceutical companies and foundations. Dr. Bowden’s broad background in bipolar disorder research has contributed to many of the advances in bipolar treatment over the last 25 years. He has authored more than 445 publications and was named by Thomson Reuters as one of the World’s Leading Scientific Minds in Psychology and Psychiatry in 2014. Dr. Bowden is former Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and former Chief, Division of Mood and Anxiety Disorders. In 2017, he was named Chief Scientific Officer at Biomedical Development Corporation, overseeing and guiding the scientific and medical direction of KIOS Bipolar. 

Meet Dr. Priesmeyer.

H. Richard Priesmeyer, Ph.D., is the Jurica Chair Professor of Management at the Greehey School of Business, St. Mary’s University, San Antonio, Texas where he teaches Strategic Management and Management. His primary research track focuses on managing unpredictable, evolving events.

He created the proprietary algorithms that drive KIOS. He is Director of Computing Science at Biomedical Development Corporation, focusing on the development and use of proprietary methods to support mHealth applications.



Unique among mood disorder mHealth technology, KIOS empowers individual users to track symptoms 24/7/365 and receive immediate expert behavioral advice specific to their changing symptoms.

Concurrently, as patients generate health data, KIOS produces outcomes data to assist clinicians with medication management and remote patient monitoring. Patient data is accessible online via a secure web-based provider-specific portal.

Bipolar condition has been studied extensively using methodologies that aggregate data and apply traditional statistical methods to determine the efficacy of treatment interventions. These static endpoints do not account for the dynamics of the symptomology that individual patients experience. KIOS employs novel methods to track changes in multiple clinical measures as they evolve over time.

- Dr. Charles Bowden

Chief investigative officer

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