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Emotional instability can affect important aspects of our lives, from relationships to finances to overall happiness. 

KIOS® equips you with real-time guidance to manage your own sense of balance. Feeling confident and stable has more value than just feeling good. 

What is KIOS & how does it work?

KIOS Bipolar is a cutting edge tool developed under the guidance of leading bipolar researchers. It asks 8 scientifically validated questions and responds with immediate behavioral advice specific to your changing symptoms.

[KIOS] helps me notice how my mood can fluctuate more than I can see, which encourages me to take steps to make it more stable on a day-to-day basis.

- KIOS User

Patient from Clinical Trial

A Multi-Faceted Toolbox

KIOS is not like app store mood trackers. It guides you with both text and audio advice, empowering you to find objectivity in the face of difficult emotions. It helps identify triggers and coaches you to practice positive behaviors. Is your emotional balance affecting your relationships, finances or happiness?
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Advice Specific to You

Most mood trackers never tell you how to improve your condition. KIOS is different. KIOS asks you 8 quick questons to assess your current state and then instantly delivers personal guidance. You are no longer alone learning how to find balance.

Around-the-Clock Expert Guidance

Your symptoms don't stick to office hours and neither does KIOS. Whether you're feeling down and struggling to face the day, feeling too much energy in the middle of the night, and even when you are feeling well, KIOS is there to coach you. Any time. Anywhere. All you need is an internet accessible device to log in and get real-time guidance.

Progress Tracking Report

See changes in specific symptoms to identify improvements and/or recurring problem areas. Recognize how your emotional ups and downs could be related to med changes. Or use the report to share specific details with your medical providers about how you've been doing since your last appointment.

It’s easy to use and I really like the advice. I actually look forward to answering the questions and seeing how well I’m doing.

- KIOS User

Patient from Clinical Trial

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The advice is the best part…When you’re improving, the advice makes you feel good…If you’re slipping a little the advice is encouraging; like I know I can turn it around and start seeing the light again. 

- KIOS User

Patient from Clinical Trial

I’ve had a really bad 2 weeks…the advice I received during this time helped me cope with the situation and made me feel like I can get through this sadness.

- KIOS User

Patient from Clinical Trial

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